Why hire a coach?

Because it's too difficult and simply takes too long, to do it all on our own and find our own blind spots. The mind, without training, will simply use everything against us. Why not get support ?


You are my client, if:

- you have vision or dream you are driven to manifest

- you work in corporate and want to transform your safe, but rather limited experience of work and life- wether that might be leaving your job or redefining your place in it

- you like to take action

- you seek to overcome fear

- you want better and more fulfilling relationships with your parents, your partner and everyone else (yes, everyone, including the people you don’t like at all)

- you already have created success/ have a strong career and yet you do experience that nasty feeling, that there is something else waiting for you and you want to break out and through with your next "thing"- a start up, a project, your own business, a big step forward in your private life

- you want to ditch perfection, embrace yourself and finally get going with your truth and your power

- you struggle with anxiety, social anxiety, procrastination and everyday distress that's in the way of your projects  (disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist and do not prescribe medication, if you need medication or a specific therapy bc of these issues and the depression related to that, please contact a professional psychologist or psychiatrist. And we can have a powerful conversation as well. )

- you are willing to be vulnerable, willing to open up and be honest with yourself, you are ready to stop avoiding the "real stuff" ; you like to stop refraining from excuses now and you are all in to take it on- with all you got

- you simply want MORE LIFE, you want to grow, expand and live in straight up alignment with yourself, no false compromise anymore

Please refrain from letting the words "difficult" and especially "money" stop you. There are always more possibilities and resources than the ones we see right away.


just be aware.