Why hire a coach?

Because it's too difficult and simply takes too long, to do it all on our own and find our own blind spots. The mind, without training, will simply use everything against us.

To get support ! 

Breaking patterns IS a big game. Having a Coach, Mentor or close friend is essential on every path and of immeasurable help. However, friendships and relationships are not meant to be coaching relationships. If your husband or wife says, " Well you can talk to me instead ! I'll help you !" , it's crucial to understand that our friends, lovers and partners absolutely *can* but at no point *should have to* be our Coaches, Mentors or Therapists. And we also don't have to be that for others as well. It's of outmost importance for the health and joy of our relationships and friendships to keep this in mind- so the space we together create and live in can thrive.

It's empowering to pay someone to listen to, support and challenge you in a professional relationship. That way your time with your loved ones is freed up of "support need" and you are much more inspired and able to be with them as a capable, independent, empowered and loving partner and friend. And the very support we *do* give and receive can become even more profound. 

Without my mentors and coaches I just simply wouldn't be here the way I am today. I regularly invest into my own coaching as well.

Change is mostly quite simple, but if it was easy, we all would live happily ever after and you wouldn't even be looking up a service like this. The mind, without training, all too often, is just confused. We all have blind spots, which lead into misunderstanding and set back. 

Coaching clears up confusion and gives clear direction.

In order to create and be successful in our careers, with our pojects and businesses- as well as our private lives- we simply need energy. ''Energy'' as in motivation, inspiration, focus, trust, discipline, joy, determination, happiness, love, health... you name them. All these states and traits are fuelled by energy as our inner resources. Healing our blocks and old traumas, changing our behaviour (our actions and reactions), we free up our energy for such positive states and mindsets.

They say "You can do anything you set your mind to". It sounds so simple ...and in fact it is, once you know your how ! - BUT where is your mind set to right now ? Can you see and feel yourself, with clarity and direction; and can you overcome yourself, your setbacks, your doubts and negative inner conversation and just ''set your mind to anything '' ? Exactly, we all could. But there is resistance. Our stuff and our stories are in the way. 

We have so much more energy than we think we have, but it's stored in those stories and in "old stuff". And it's just not that obvious to us. At all.

This is where powerful coaching comes in, because : 

''There is a brilliance to the innocence of being lost"

- unknown source

Right now you can work with me in three different 1-on-1 settings:

3 months- Short and sweet, good if you are ready and set with a vision, goal or thing and committed to create a full breakthrough and only need a short time of spot on and kick ass support ! 

6 months- This ones great for you if you want to make sure you don't use the back door again, create a big transformation in your life and want support to get grounded and going in the new perspective, resulting from that.

or 12 months- If you like to go deep with everything and would love to work long term. My most exciting package, as the space granted for us to do work together is immense. Imagine investing in and living a new life in 12 months! You need to be committed for this one, but being here, reading this, I suspect you really are about to anyway. So don’t sleep on yourself, be courageous and take action !

Prices are individually agreed upon, as we define in at least one in-depth conversations (free of any charge) , how many sessions we will do in each timeframe and how we structure the program for you personally to create best results. And that's what we are both here for, right ? Results. Investment starts at € 500 . Payment plans are an option, please just ask.

My work is super pragmatic as well as close up personal and in depth. It will most likely touch all aspects of your life, even if you come to me to focus on a specific part- like building your business/ start up or getting over a very specific hurdle in private life. 

Everything is connected and the work we do here, affects your results there. I count on your openness !


You are my client, if:

- you wish to go deeper with your life and find out about that nagging feeling you drag along that tells you "....but there must be more ?!"

- you like to take action

- you want better and more fulfilling relationships with your parents, your partner and everyone (yes, everyone, including the people you don’t like at all) in your life

- you already have created success/ have a strong career and yet you do experience the nagging feeling, that there is something else waiting for you and you want to break through with your next "thing"- a start up, a project, your own business, a big step forward in your private life

- you work in corporate and want to transform your safe, but limited experience of work and life- wether that might be leaving your job or redefining your place in it

- you want to ditch perfection, embrace yourself and finally get going with your truth and your power

- you struggle with anxiety, social anxiety, procrastination and everyday distress that's in the way of your projects  (disclaimer: I am not a psychiatrist and do not prescribe medication, if you need medication or a specific therapy, please contact a professional psychologist or psychiatrist)

- you are ready to be vulnerable, ready to open up and be honest with yourself, you are ready to stop avoiding the "real stuff" and you like to stop refraining from excuses now and are all in to take it on- with all you got

- you simply want MORE LIFE, you want to grow, expand and live in straight up alignment with yourself

Let's work through your stuff with commitment and fun and make you create powerful changes and transformations. Let's find out the truth of who you are and begin your awakening, your happiness, your success. Let's take it on and create your personal freedom and the life you really REALLY want to live. 

Please refrain from letting the words "difficult" and especially "money" stop you. There are always more possibilities and resources than the ones we see right away.


Transformation is an '' irreversible change that has happened ''. Change alone doesn't need much. You can change everything in your life and still be the same person, just different. But transformation has your reality elevated, shifted and completely differentiated. 

What got you here won't get you there!

The new you : Connected to your inner resources, confident, self-loving and able to express yourself the way you truly choose to. Instead of the old you: Painfully adjusting to filling in expectations of your professional and private life and being stuck in routine or on a plateau. Not creating your life with what you actually feel and dream of in your heart. Disconnected from your deeper emotional resources and away from your dreams, your real life opportunities ...and your success. Is this still you ?

Through working with me you get the chance to transform this old life and turn your dreams into actions.

Oh, and you High Achievers and Go Getters!

If you are successful and happy - and still reading this - something's going on and I’d like to ask you this:

What else is possible ? 

What else do you dream of... ?!  Are you one of the "I'm ok"- people, just way better off ? Please get in touch, I'd love to hear what's cracking in your life. And even more so, if everything's really fantastic. Because exactly THEN can coaching be one of the most fun, creative and productive things to do: if you actually DON'T NEED IT.

It's always empowering, clarifying work.

Our work together is unique. It is especially tailored to you, with you. There is no fixed concept to the process of transforming old and limiting beliefs, there is no fixed concept to creating a new life. There are various ways to do it and mine is the Powerful Deep Coaching Conversation. This means no 10 Ways to Success Formulas and pretty much no Law of Attraction. But there will be magic for sure ;-) 

I am your partner in creating a successful life you truly enjoy living, conversation by conversation. The responsibility to take action lies with you.

This is my invitation: 



The final checklist 

Through working with me you get the chance to:

  • Get in touch with and aware of your emotions, your single most powerful resource, and begin to feel your feelings. You get a chance to heal them and to powerfully integrate them into your life.

  • Create a vision for your private and/or professional life.

  • Turn your visions, goals, and aspirations into a real life situation, take empowered action and follow through with them.

  • Learn to express who you really are and create new success with it.

  • Be successful and happy in the various aspects of private and professional life.

  • Overcome procrastination, social anxiety and everyday confusion, negativity, holding patterns.

  • Learn to use your intent to create what you truly want, understand the power of language and learn to honor your word.

  • Learn to use The Four Agreements (and the Fifth Agreement) in private as much as professional life - an *incredibly* powerful tool.

  • Break through your limitations as we pull back the layers of self- defeat, self-sabotage and doubt, your negative personal and social/cultural conditioning.

  • Do the deep inner work your seemingly far away goals require you to do, unravel your natural confidence and trust in life.

  • Move you out of your head into your heart to live life with flow, connection, joy, far greater ease and excitement.

  • Learn to relax, be yourself, enjoy discipline, commitment and determination and thrive through it.

  • Understand and allow how powerful you are and realign yourself in that understanding.

  • Manage to leave your problems behind and make a new start.

  • Develop compassion and understanding and learn to love more, most of all: yourself - the gamechanger.

  • Learn to begin with you.


just be aware.