You are interested in powerful coaching, great ! Please apply here for the

The Get to Know and Get to Work Conversation

Once you've sent me your application I will get back to you to schedule a conversation online or by phone. In this 1 hour conversation we will find out, if and how we can work together. There is no rush- we will have at least one in depth conversation to do so. Only by creating authentic connection we are able to do powerful, life changing - and yes, absolutely fun! - transformational work. It’s trust first and work second.

There is no charge for such sessions.

The general time frame for a committed coaching relationship with me is 6 months. Anything shorter than that is not enough time to work in depth. However each program is individually created with each client after the Get to know Coaching Conversation. If we find out that what you need is a different time frame, we will create that for you.

Prices for committed coaching relationships are agreed as we find the best time frame and right number of sessions to create the best results for you.

Payment plans for programs are available - please just ask. 

That’s it - if you came this far, I honestly can’t wait to meet you. Your life is waiting for you to take action. Let’s get to know each other and let’s get to work ! 

(You can contact me in english or german.)

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You don’t need big words. Simply be yourself .

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