Each client is unique and so is the coaching. 

Pearl Bates 


I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of effective coaches in the past, but I’ve never had the kind of experience that I have had with Juliane before. I was expecting the conventional coaching techniques such as goal setting, strategy planning or assigning scores to various areas of my life, but Juliane’s approach is refreshingly different, and far more subtle. She puts all of this ‘action storming’ to one side, and asks you to take the time to start tuning into yourself, so that you can really begin to listen. Read more...

Katie Ekanayake



Why work with Juliane?
Juliane is simply a kickass spiritual coach and a facilitator of change. She has a knack of helping you get really clear on where you are right now and moving past any challenges you have in a soulful spiritual way. She is straight talking and uses her own experiences which help you get clearer on anything that might be challenging you. I love the openness that she has. She is empowering and has helped me view situations in my life in an entirely different way. She has made me get uncomfortable in order for me to get comfortable. The value from working with her has been huge. She has facilitated huge change within me which has helped me achieve huge goals. Working with her gave me the power to set up a business whilst being on maternity leave and also establish another line of sales consultancy work. She supported me- and this enabled me to realise the power I have. It filled me with confidence to achieve my goals. Read more...

I've known Juliane for more than 10 years and I have had difficulties to understand her perspective in the beginning. Until I started my journey inwards and I realised that there is no such thing like the ultimate recipy or shortcut to happiness or a constant control of emotions. But there are tools and strategies to manouver through the days of unforseeable strorms. Whatever your storms may be that push you into unknown areas of your life where discomfort is on top. This is the place and space where Juliane comes into the picture just like a compass and brings a deep understanding of the roots of your lostness or suffering. I found that extremely helpful in order to cognitively comprehend what was going on with me. Read more...

Felix K. Mreiche


" Please don't grow in isolation.''

-Dawa Tarchin Phillips


just be aware