Each client is unique and so is the coaching. 

Pearl Bates 


I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of effective coaches in the past, but I’ve never had the kind of experience that I have had with Juliane before. I was expecting the conventional coaching techniques such as goal setting, strategy planning or assigning scores to various areas of my life, but Juliane’s approach is refreshingly different, and far more subtle. She puts all of this ‘action storming’ to one side, and asks you to take the time to start tuning into yourself, so that you can really begin to listen

Juliane’s presence is like a steady, focussed and yet empathic friend, patiently bringing your attention back to the deceptively simple tasks she sets before you. With clever, gentle questioning and suggestions, she will help you to start sifting through all the busy noise of life so that you can reconnect with that quiet inner voice that will guide you in the right direction. 

At first, although I appreciated the value of these ideas, I wondered if they would really be able to affect any major changes in my life. But to my delight, I have discovered that working with Juliane is to experience for yourself the awesome power of the ‘butterfly effect’ - when you begin to shift the balance of your mind and your feelings, you will find that your entire life will start to transform, as if by magic, before your very eyes. 

Katie Ekanayake



Where was I before my journey with Juliane?
I started work with Juliane when I was going through a life and career change. I had a 6 month old baby and I was clear on one thing- that I didn't want to go back to my old job. I had residual stuff to sort though as I had an overall fear around my money situation. I was in debt and unsure of what to do with regards to work as a new Mother. I had been self employed previously which hadn't worked out and I still had fear around this. My energy was also quite frantic- I had no problem motivating myself to do things, but I was all over the place. I was in a place of questioning everything. I did and had a view of what I should be like as a new mother and what I should be doing, but I really wasn't connected to me which meant I couldn't relax. I hadn’t spent anytime connecting to me and I needed to do this to get clear on where I was going in my life.

What has Juliane taught me?
The process of calming and connecting back to me through a daily meditation. I also took up yoga again which was something I previously loved.
She has questioned my past to see how it is effecting me now and established the past issues to leave them behind in order to move forward.
She has facilitated and inspired change in me.
She has taught me the value of patience in my business and to let go.
Helped me work in a more organised way.
Spoke and highlighted my money issues so I could leave them behind.
Really helped me to connect to my power- who I am and what I can achieve.
Made me realise what I love.
Be clear on how I feel getting clear on my feelings.

Why work with Juliane?
Juliane is simply a kickass spiritual coach and a facilitator of change. She has a knack of helping you get really clear on where you are right now and moving past any challenges you have in a soulful spiritual way. She is straight talking and uses her own experiences which help you get clearer on anything that might be challenging you. I love the openness that she has. She is empowering and has helped me view situations in my life in an entirely different way. She has made me get uncomfortable in order for me to get comfortable. The value from working with her has been huge. She has facilitated huge change within me which has helped me achieve huge goals. Working with her gave me the power to set up a business whilst being on maternity leave and also establish another line of sales consultancy work. She supported me- and this enabled me to realise the power I have. It filled me with confidence to achieve my goals. I got clearer on my money stories and achieved my goal of moving a large amount of debt so I could manage it in a better way. I no longer have fear related to money and have changed my relationship with it thanks to facing my past.

If you are in a place where you have a gut feeling that something isn't quite right and you know you need to do some work on connecting back to you then investing in working with Juliane was one of the best things I ever did and will be forever thankful to her.

I've known Juliane for more than 10 years and I have had difficulties to understand her perspective in the beginning. Until I started my journey inwards and I realised that there is no such thing as the ultimate recipe or shortcut to happiness or a constant control of emotions. But there are tools and strategies to manouver through the days of unforseeable strorms. Whatever your storms may be that push you into unknown areas of your life where discomfort is on top. This is the place and space where Juliane comes into the picture just like a compass and brings a deep understanding of the roots of your lostness or suffering. I found that extremely helpful in order to cognitively comprehend what was going on with me.

In the next steps, what she does, is that she immediately frames the circumstances and by that she creates a space where you not just learn to consciously go through whatever it is that you are going through, but sustainably learn to realign yourself in difficult times and hence add up a quality in yourself where eventually you grow through hard times. In addition to that she uses a good pinch of humor to keep your spirit uplifted in the process.

I trusted her with my darkest secrets and have never felt only the slightest sign of judgement.

Felix K. Mreiche


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