I work with clients on their minds and their thoughts about themselves.

Together we create powerful transformation in your private and professional life.

The way you think and feel about yourself is your driving force for absolutely everything you do. And how you do it. Do you want a fulfilling, happy experience of life ? 

In our work together I assist you to switch back into your heart, reconnect with your soul and create a new perspective for your life. A powerful, creative, loving and fun one.

I work with true change makers who begin with themselves.

I help free your mental and emotional space to make you hear and adjust to the clarity inside of you. What you need- it’s already there. You can become connected and in tune with your inner resources. You can cut through your stagnation and frustration. And through repetitive behaviour, misunderstandings, doubt, judgment, superstition, nonsense... You can break through your personal set of confusion.

I help you feel your feelings and then regain them as your most powerful resource. Clarity.

Align and integrate them into your life, your career. Authentic and intimate with your feelings, your actions become meaningful in the world and you have the power and heart you need for your big projects. You have the power to change this world. Your world.

I work with people who seek to create breakthroughs in their life.

And conversation by conversation -

I support my clients to build a life in alignment with who they are. And be super successful with it.

Let's create the shift.

Coaching in german / english


My name is Juliane and I work with individuals who dare to create personal freedom for themselves and support them to build meaningful and successful lives. I support my clients to break through their limitations through... read more


"I cannot create abundance. It already exists everywhere. The only thing I can create is scarcity."

- John D. Ver


"I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of effective coaches in the past, but I’ve never had the kind of experience that I have had with Juliane before. I was expecting the conventional coaching techniques such as goal setting, strategy planning or assigning scores to various areas of my life, but Juliane’s approach is refreshingly different, and far more subtle. She puts all of this ‘action storming’ to one side, and asks you to take the time to start tuning into yourself, so that you can really begin to listen." read more

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