Inner Work means uncovering truth. Your truth.


I would love to hold you

Be there for you

When you open up

Become vulnerable and defensive and when it’s

difficult to listen

I will listen to you

Without an agenda

And let you grow in your own time.

Believing, humbly

That what you hold true in your heart

Will guide you so much better

Than my thoughts possibly ever could

And with that I will have a lasting and happy patience

for the both of us

And grow just as much

along the way.


Inner work means uncovering truth. Your truth.

This is a love- poem. I wrote it the other day after I was in a debate that pitched my emotional defense big time. It was painful and very scary to be in that place with someone I barely knew and who I trusted enough to get to this point, but then again, barely knew.

The day after, letting things find their place inside of me during my day, I wrote these few lines to get to my own understanding of it and was quite amazed, how the words came together so easily. Personally writing poetry often reveals my own thought process to me and helps me to understand it better. It amazes me, how there is this endless supply, this state of clarity and direction inside of us at all times and that an emotionally tumultuous event only accelerates it, once we utilise it the right way. It is something we can learn.

It also perfectly describes the way I work with clients, and it is just as intimate:

In the beginning we barely know each other and our conversation is intended to run deep, or to the place it has to go to, to achieve the desired result. It is quite possibly triggering defensive response at some point, and difficult emotions will show up which is hardly ever a pleasant thing to experience. While this happens I am counting on trust and openness on the clients’ side to be in such a vulnerable space- just to let the insight happen that will bring about their own inner clarity and direction, their alignment, needed for projects, relationships and life. This is the difference between consulting and coaching. I will not tell you what to do, but help you get to the point where you will know and understand it yourself.

It is a marvellous and fascinating interaction that as a Coach I get to hold the space for and direct it to the best of my ability. Just so that I can witness the exponential growth of my client. It is, in a way, not too far from romance, yet it is a profoundly professional connection. The humanness that we get back to in such a deep professional conversation teaches us our very power, step by step.