A few thoughts about trust and opening up

What if I truly opened up to the fact that I am lovable exactly as I am right now?

What if I could drop the mind and relax myself into my creative being, each moment along the way, at ease and at will.

What if others would open up to the love I give. What, if others ARE open to the love I give ?

What, if I was able to take action and set my dreams into motion ? Is it really that difficult ? Is it really that much of a big deal to step out of my own way and let myself be seen ? 

If I can answer the first question with yes, the answer to the last will have to be yes as well. SelfLove is the ultimate healthy boundary and the only safety that life can ever provide us with - through us. 

Everything goes through us. And comes to us when we are ready. 

Trust, understood like that, is something we can access by decision and with trust we always step forward, why wouldn’t we ? Life is constantly moving forward, evolving. Only the static, conditioned human mind is able to make it appear otherwise through it’s everyday delusion and confusion.

Clarity and common sense can be at the fingertips of our very experience and they are, once we trust.