.... powerful in depth coaching conversations in private consultations online or by phone- with pragmatic tools and guidance to help you gain the insight and understanding you need to transform your personal limitations into a joyful process.

With me you develop a fresh, inspired, loving, fun and unshakable new perspective for your life.

I work in personal one-on-one settings, without pre-set programs. Each client is unique and so is the coaching. Building a genuine, honest and long-term connection with my client is at the heart of what I do in order to do the most powerful, transformative and insightful work possible with them.

To work with me you can apply here.


I'm Juliane.


My kind of people are people who enjoy and actively seek to go deeper with their lives, like to grow and work outside their comfort zones and love to powerfully create with what they, often secretly, hold in their heart.

I am keenly supportive of others along their way to personal freedom and responsibility, along creating and manifesting their heartfelt visions of themselves in their their private and professional lives.

I could as well say I work with clients from all backgrounds because, sincerely, I am interested in all backgrounds. The personal stories of high achievers and executive leaders interest me just as much as the story the cashier in the supermarket has to tell about their life. I believe that our expression profoundly matters on all levels. In the world of technology that's ahead of us, and the various challenges we already face, individual, genius stance, creativity and purpose matters. True communication and genuine relationships matter. We all have such genius stance and unique purpose inside of us, we all have the ability to communicate with love and clarity and all of it is waiting to take a leading role to empower, transform our lives. 

It is waiting for us to take action. It is my calling to support you in that. You can get in touch with me for coaching here.

"The quality of our awareness directly affects the quality of our results."

- Dr. Scilla Elworthy


Some personal background

With my own journey of transformation I have managed to overcome tough depression. 15+ years of ongoing massive panic attacks, lasting up until my early adulthood plus the nervous company of being in almost constant anxiety. I used to feel great difficulties in social situations and suffered a really great deal of social anxiety. Sometimes I still do, but I am able to take action inspite of it. I understand how I can deal with it and most of all- I have a lot of humor around it. It's okay to be afraid. I am not meant to be stopped by it.

Before that I was terribly insecure and confused. Struggling between being introverted on one hand and communicative, outgoing, curious on the other... Being strong and persistent and having a fighter's spirit didn't seem to fit in with my high sensitivity. I had developed a raving co-dependency in early childhood, which led me into professional and private burn out. My personality had to wrap itself around all the trauma and come up with all sorts of coping mechanisms.

Today I am my own testament of how much one can go from self-defeat and rejection to happiness, purposed driven work and success.

For 10years+ I have been studying in the toltec tradition in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz ( author of The Four Agreements ) with internationally renowned speaker, teacher, author and actress Esra Inal ( esrainal.com ) as my personal mentor, coach and close friend. My training was intense, at all times profound, persistent and really just quite unique !


To me, spirituality means being in conscious connection with, or better: through myself. I have deep faith in life and in love. Spirituality also means to be on an active path of inner work, surrender, personal transformation and awakening. I am committed to that and it informs the work I am doing with my clients.


Why should I do this ?

Maybe you do you think you don’t need coaching ? Great !

Because we all can use support creating and living powerful lives ! Especially when things are going good. Coaching is NOT just for times you feel confused or when you experience struggle. They say 'Don't do difficult things alone' . You really shouldn't. But don't do great things alone, either. Support always matters. Don't ever wait until you feel ‘bad’ to allow support. It's a bit like drinking water: if you are thirsty your water intake is overdue !

Having a teacher, mentor, coach simply rocks. It makes things sooo much easier. And fun.

My clients not only need a Coach, they simply want one. My clients burn for a dream, a vision they want to manifest. My clients seek to create a profound breakthrough to personal freedom and success.

just be aware