.... powerful coaching conversations in private consultations via Skype or phone- with pragmatic tools and guidance to help you gain the insights and understanding you need to transform personal limitations into a joyful process.

Juliane helps you develop a fresh, inspired, empowered, fun and unshakable new perspective for your life.

She works in a very personal one-on-one setting with clients, building a genuine, honest and mostly long-term connection with her clients - in order to do the most powerful, transformative and insightful work possible with them. You can apply here .


I'm Juliane.


My kind of people are people who enjoy and actively seek to go deeper with their lives, like to grow outside their comfort zones and love to powerfully create with what they hold in their heart.

I am keen about empowering others along their way to personal freedom and responsibility.  

I could as well say I work with clients from all backgrounds because, sincerely, I am interested in all backgrounds. The personal stories of high achievers and executive leaders interest me just as much as the story the cashier in the supermarket has to tell about their life. I believe that our expression profoundly matters on all levels. In the world of technology that's ahead of us, and the various challenges we already face, individual, genius stance, creativity and purpose matters. We all have such genius stance and unique purpose inside of us and it's waiting to take a leading role and transform our lives. 

It is waiting for us to take action. It is my calling to support you in that.

My leadership

It is my firm belief, that we all have love and powerful secrets within us. They are ready to unfold, ready to contribute to the world we together live in.

In order to create fulfilling, happy and successful lives for ourselves, we need at least some sort of alignment with and within ourselves, some sort of clarity and direction, to be able to take great action and create our lives intentionally. However, with every possible level of success we experience- it still happens that too often we think, feel and act without much sense of it. Unaware. Unaligned, comparing ourselves, feeling stuck, under pressure and anxious, insecure about ourselves and our abilities, overworked and very distracted and, well, with all these things and more... just simply stressed. And then wonder about our rather poor results. Our work or even personal life obligations easily take away our spirit and we merely work for bills and expectations, instead of purpose and joy. 

I coach people who see - or attempt to see- their life as their art. Who seek their own greatness- or rather beingness ! - not only for themselves, but just as much as a service to the world and the community they live in. I coach people who have created great success in their life and I also coach people who are just about to do so. But I only work with people, who are willing to do their work with me. Who are committed to step up big time and really crave to do so ! That way, my coaching clearly IS NOT for everyone. It is challenging, yet fun, to grow and learn outside your comfort zone. It's hard to do so without skillful assistance. 

I work with people who seek direction, support and change. People, who want to create transformation, healing and alignment in their lives and who wish to live an empowered, intentional and fun life, in all it’s aspects.

I bring people into alignment with themselves, find strong natural confidence, overcome their fears and create real success. 

People who have wonderful projects and dreams and wish to break through with those. 

Coaching based on insight

The work I do with clients is insight related first and strategy second. Most strategies become clear as soon as the insight has happened. If not, they will be worked out with much greater ease and be put into action. Action, after all, is the host of magic, but we need to open the door to that magic. 

A single insight can completely shift the way you see your life and the way you take that action.

Insight related coaching gives you more than just strategy based coaching, it's not just helpful - it's absolutely life changing. Clear strategy and action will always follow the insight.

Alignment means that mind, heart and action are in tune. Once that happens, success is inevitable. 

If you take away money, position and title and just look at us individually, there is always one absolutely unique experience happening within each one of us, aside of any labels and preconceptions we could have of one another. 

I am here to support you to use this dynamic experience- your inner world. In our powerful conversations we carve out the insight you specifically need. You find the resource in you to take action for your vision and you take your life to a whole new level, by building something great with it through empowered alignment and deep connection within yourself. 

About me as your Coach

My training, experiences and inner set up enable me to easily connect and relate to a great variety of beliefs and outlooks. It's my zone of genius to see, feel and understand how your belief system, your perspective, works. It's my job to see where you keep holding back. It's my job to hold you accountable and be honest with you, if you are not. That way your limiting beliefs and cluttered emotions will find release and through skillfull conversation we will manage to create a new mindset that clearly works for you. I might not always be your *friend* , but your committed partner in creating the breakthrough you seek. We will bring you back into alignment. I will be deeply curious about finding your blindspots and passionate about inspiring and motivating you. Through powerful conversation I am able to fascilitate great change for and together with you. 

But- I am not doing any work for you. 

I will be your full on support team to set you up to do it yourself. Because, whatever it is, YOU CAN DO IT.

I will help you break any old patterns in your way and empower your very own way of creating an entirely new perspective- a fun, loving and successful one.

Your visions' real life manifestation is only a shift away. Let's create that shift for you. 

"The quality of our awareness directly affects the quality of our results."

- Dr. Scilla Elworthy


Some personal background

With my own journey of transformation I have managed to overcome tough depression. A good 10 years of continuously happening massive panic attacks that lasted up until my early adulthood plus the nervous company of being in almost constant anxiety. I used to feel great difficulties in social situations and suffered a great deal of social anxiety. Sometimes I still do, but what has completely changed is that I am able to take action despite of that, I understand how I can deal with it and most of all- I have humor around it. It's okay to be afraid. In fact, it is a clear indicator of growth ! And that way it is important to trust and follow it. 

But before I came to such understanding with myself, I felt terribly insecure and confused. Struggling between being introverted on one hand and communicative, outgoing, always curious on the other... Being strong and persistent and having a fighter's spirit didn't seem to fit in with my enormous sensitivity, my strong empathy. From early childhood on, I became extremely co-dependent. Putting my worth and goals aside for others. And then there was the need to draw back from the world to compensate the overload of stress, sensory madness and burn out I was in. I tried to put myself in boxes, created isolation in oder to deal with family and childhood trauma. My personality had to wrap itself around all the trauma and come up with all sorts of coping mechanisms. But luckily the basic good heart in my family kept enough of me intact and through all of the adversity and with the help of my mentors I slowly began to understand and heal myself. If you don't want to trade in your journey anymore, you know you've reached acceptance with yourself. It has become my asset.

Today I am my own testament of how much one can go from self-defeat and shame to happiness and success.

I have a 15year+ background of hands on pragmatic spiritual training, 10 of them in the toltec tradition in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz ( The Four Agreements ), with Esra Inal ( esrainal.com ) as my personal mentor and close friend. My training was intense, at all times profound, persistent and really quite unique.


To me, spirituality means being in conscious connection with, or better: through myself. I have faith in life and in love. Spirituality also means to be on an active path of inner work, surrender, personal transformation and awakening. I am committed to that.


Why should I do this ?

And also: Why coaching, if I already feel connected, happy or successful?

Because we all can use support creating and living powerful lives ! Especially when things are going good. Coaching is NOT just for times you feel confused or when you experience struggle. They say 'Don't do difficult things alone' . You really shouldn't. But don't do great things alone, either. Support always matters. Don't ever wait until you feel bad, until you allow and create support. It's the same as with drinking water: if you are thirsty it's your body calling you out, and you actually have missed out putting in enough water. 

Having a teacher, mentor, coach simply rocks. It makes things sooo much easier. And fun.

just be aware